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Thumbnail image for An Insider’s Look at the Autonomous Nissan Leaf

An Insider’s Look at the Autonomous Nissan Leaf

We “drive” the self-driving Autonomous Nissan Leaf at El Toro, CA – Here’s what we learned!

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Hacked By Unknown

“Revenge of the Electric Car” tells the story of how sometimes change has too much momentum to be stopped. Says the director, “You can’t kill an idea whose time has come.”

Thumbnail image for Nissan and Sumitomo team up to offer an inexpensive 30-minute commercial charger

Nissan and Sumitomo team up to offer an inexpensive 30-minute commercial charger

Nissan Motor Co. and Sumitomo Corp. introduce a 480-volt quick charger for electric vehicles that costs less than one-third the price of other such devices

Thumbnail image for Nissan teams up with SunPower solar power systems

Nissan teams up with SunPower solar power systems

Nissan has joined forces with SunPower Corp to offer online content that describes how solar power systems convert sunlight into clean, renewable power for use in the home and for charging electric vehicles.

Thumbnail image for Nissan says electric Leaf can power a residence

Nissan says electric Leaf can power a residence

Nissan’s Leaf electric car can power a family home and run appliances for up to two days…

Thumbnail image for Nissan reduces Leaf charging system price

Nissan reduces Leaf charging system price

Nissan has reduced the price of the home charging system for the Nissan LEAF to make it more accessible to drivers.

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