Nissan Leaf Gathering in San Francisco on 12/11/10

So all the details are yet to be published, or even decided based on what I have been told, but we should all plan a little gathering on Saturday in San Francisco, to welcome the first Leaf owner in the world (for a production Leaf, not a preproduction model) who will be getting his Leaf earlier in the day.

Start making plans and be ready to get to meet some very interesting people to ask Leaf questions to! If you’re down with going post here, let’s get the bay area leaf crowd out in full force! There may even be some swag and food of some sort, no promises though 😉

We’ll be gathering around 1:30pm at a location yet to be announced somewhere in the city (SF). I’ll have more info by Friday, if not sooner. I’ll edit this post with details when available.

UPDATE: Details added 12/8/2010

Join us for the world’s first delivery of the Nissan LEAF™, right here in the bay
area. The celebration begins at San Francisco City Hall Plaza, Saturday,
December 11, at 1:30 PM. There will be brief remarks and opportunities to learn
more about this revolutionary car. You might even get a Polar Bear hug. It’s our
way of saying thanks for supporting the Nissan LEAF.

UPDATE: 12/9/2010
Planned meeting point is near the charging stations in front of city hall

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