Nissan Leaf Decals

Did anyone else get some Nissan Leaf Decals in the mail today? I received these, kind of cool, though disappointed that they are all bubbling off without me having even attempted to use them.

Lance Armstrong gets his Nissan Leaf

Lance Armstrong had his Nissan Leaf delivered today…

Nissan’s Innovation for All Campaign, Polar Bears coming!

Nissan has just announced a new ad campaign, leading up to a new Leaf commercial in September, you can watch some of the other commercials in the campaign now on Youtube! Links below, followed by the Nissan Press release… Innovation that Lasts, Kidzilla Innovations Innovation for Safety, Brake Override Innovation for Daddy, Father to Be […]

Plugin 2010 Review

Myself and a buddy headed down to Plugin2010’s public night down in San Jose this evening. To be honest, there wasn’t much to be learned there, though there were a few interesting things to see. They had the usual blue Leaf that has been around California a few times now (I’ve tracked it down and […]

Nissan announces 8 year, 100k mile warranty for Nissan Leaf

At the Plug-in 2010 Conference in San Jose, CA today, Nissan North America’s executive vice president, Carlos Tavares, announced that the Leaf’s battery pack will be covered by an 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty – exactly what Chevrolet is offering on the Volt pack. He said that feedback from people interested in the Leaf was important in […]

Nissan Announces Roll-Out Plan for Zero-Emission Nissan LEAF

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Today, nearly 17,000 future Nissan LEAF drivers are learning when the world’s first affordable all-electric, zero-emission vehicle will be available in their markets. Consumers who have placed reservations for the Nissan LEAF received a communication today regarding market timing and next steps in ordering the all-electric vehicle. Nissan […]

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    AZhitman wrote: ↑Wed Jul 13, 2005 5:44 amThis forum is reserved for the listing of special offers for NICOclub members by approved vendors ONLY. Any unauthorized postings will be deleted.*If you are an individual with spare parts for sale, please post in the Nissan or Infiniti classifieds.*If you are an individual (non-business) who has designed […]
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    You can look in the FSM for info on how to test ... er/2001/ecStatistics: Posted by 04pathse — Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:29 pm
  • Nissan Pathfinder Forum / Infiniti QX4 Forum • VVT CODES
    01 Pathfinder 253K trouble codes P1140, P1110, P0175 been intermittent for a while with no running issues and no P0175. Now mil back on after a few drive cycles, after clearing. Oil clean and full. Just started running rough at stops and will sometimes stall. my first thought was replace VVT solenoid on right side. […]
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    mac , that's a TEN ++ Statistics: Posted by macgiver — Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:05 pm
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    mac here ,your 300ZX , similar to my 93 J30 (VG30DE motor too I believe) yet I don't believe the fuel pump supposed to overe-run, AFTER engine Completely off ? Maybe that's the design , but in all my time I've never seen or heard - it's sooooo counterintuitive , that a FUEL pump will […]
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