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Nissan Leaf Forum provides electric car enthusiasts with accurate technical information, active discussion forums, discounts on parts and accessories, a friendly and supportive community, classified ads, regional and national enthusiast events and the latest news from Nissan's zero-emissions initiatives.

Leaf Awards

Nissan Leaf 2011 World Car of the Year

2011 World Car of the Year

Nissan Leaf beats out the likes of BMW and Audi at the 2011 New York Auto Show

Leaf Racing

Nissan Leaf NISMO Race Car

Nissan Leaf NISMO

Nissan releases an NISMO-Equipped race car for the green community!

Tokyo Auto Show

Nissan Leaf Aero

Nissan Leaf Aero

Nissan releases an aero-packaged concept of the Nissan Leaf at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Show

Leaf Awards

Nissan Leaf Aero

Ward's 10 Best Engines

Ward's today announced that Nissan LEAF's 100-percent electric, zero-emission drive system is included on its prestigious '10 Best Engines' list for 2011


Nissan Leaf Commercial Video CV

Polar Bear Ad

Nissan's first ad featuring the all-electric Nissan Leaf


Leaf Aero Package

Ward's Award

2011 Overview

2011 At a Glance

Polar Bear Ad


Leaf Unveil

2011 Specifications

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